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1 Hixberry Lane
St Albans, Herts

Tel: 01727 836150
Fax: 01727 790530


The School's Intervention & Support Team has Early Years (EYFS) and English as an additional language (EAL) specialisms.

Our universal services can be successfully used to support groups or a whole class as an early intervention strategy.  Equally, an individual child’s needs’ can be supported in this way for difficulties such as self-esteem, friendships, bullying, social skills, communication and coping with big emotions.

Children who present with challenging behaviour that is affecting their learning to a greater extent are supported individually in the classroom and 1:1 out of the classroom.   The School's Intervention & Support worker will normally spend around half the session in the classroom engaging the child in, and modelling positive behaviour and communication as well as classroom & learning skills.  The frequency of sessions is assessed at referral and will vary, but typically we see a child once or twice a week.  We might see a child more often, or even every day if they are at risk of permanent exclusion, experiencing a traumatic event or transitional event such as a managed move.

As part of our intervention, staff are skilled with strategies that promote successful reduction, de-escalation and management of challenging behaviour.  We offer as much support as is needed for staff to feel confident in these strategies.

In year 6, we provide six weeks of whole class transition support with interactive and fun activities that encourage a supportive class community and peer led learning.  This benefits all children but can be particularly beneficial for children who are particularly worried about the move to secondary.

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