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School's Intervention & Support Team

Links Academy Outreach serves schools in St. Albans and Harpenden area, including the surrounding villages.  The team supports children and young people who are experiencing social, emotional, mental health and behaviour difficulties with planned intervention and training for staff.

The aim of Outreach intervention is to enable children and young people to experience success in all elements of their school life, particularly where challenging behaviour is preventing them from accessing learning or places them at risk of exclusion from school.  Challenging behaviours may include refusal to follow instructions, defiance, verbal or physical aggression, attention seeking behaviours and persistent disruption to learning. 

Emotional wellbeing is a key component of our interventions; we work therapeutically to explore, identify and improve children and young people’s sense of self which includes self-esteem, self-worth, anxiety and withdrawal. 

Referrals to the School's Intervention & Support team for behaviour management support are made by school, with consent and input from parent(s) or carer(s), usually at the referral meeting.  We also feel it important to consider the child or young person’s wishes; in some cases, where they are concerned about what intervention involves, we will meet with them before we process a referral.  This helps us to better assess the need and plan our intervention.  Consent is sought via a Service Request for targeted intervention, but may also be in the form of a letter home with the option to withdraw for our universal services.

Targeted interventions for children and young people are truly individualised for their particular needs.   Alongside our intervention, we work very closely with other agencies and Outreach will be represented at any agency meeting that related to the needs of the child or young person and their family.  This approach ensures appropriate information sharing and promotes positive outcomes.

We are a short term intervention service and we measure our success through assessment and progress data provided by schools and regular reviews with staff, families or agencies.   Occasionally, we will signpost schools and families to other services that we feel can work alongside us or better support the child or young person’s needs.

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