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Maths lesson

In maths students learn through a variety of methods including: traditional pen and paper; lessons on the interactive white board; hands on investigations that allow guided discovery of mathematical theorems; and interactive activities that reinforce their learning. Key Stage 4 students also have the opportunity to use a computer program that supports revision for their GCSE exams. The small class sizes allow the maths lessons to be tailored for individual students’ needs.


Many students who attend Links Academy lack confidence in maths. So, particularly with the Key Stage 3 students, the curriculum is designed to build assurance with mathematical concepts and language so that when the students encounter new topics in maths they can approach them with confidence. This is done through group work using hands-on activities that allow the students to discover the mathematical concepts in a more comfortable and concrete way.

The Key Stage 4 curriculum is designed to ensure that all GCSE topics are covered over the two years of Year 10 and Year 11 leading to a Linear GCSE (new Grades 1-9) with the AQA exam board. There is no coursework component with this exam. Students preparing for the GCSE exams are given support during the whole of Year 11 through the use of revision guides, exam board specimen papers for practice, and teacher supervised time after school. 


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