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At Links Academy we encourage all students to embrace their creativity and imagination, as well as to learn, embed and practise the analytical skills necessary to achieve in the subject.

We also encourage our students to participate in all learning both in and outside the classroom environment.

English Literature trip to Belgium                                    Trip to Hertford Theatre

Our small class sizes enable teachers to modify and personalise learning to allow students to access all areas of the English course content.

Key Stage 3

We read and study a range of texts across Key Stage 3, from Private Peaceful to Romeo and Juliet. Students also have one lesson a week dedicated to developing Literacy skills. We also cover a range of poetry, prose, drama, and non-fiction to ensure that students are well prepared for the demands of GCSE by the end of Year 9.


Each half term, students complete an assessment to showcase their understanding of the unit that will test their reading, writing, or speaking and listening skills.

Home Learning

Home learning is encouraged and students are provided with a Literacy booklet every half term that they can work on independently at home.

Key Stage 4

Students have two pathways when entering KS4. Students are either taught GCSE Language alongside Literature although depending on the students needs and individual circumstances the GCSE Language course may be taught solely.

Year 10/11

Throughout the two year course, students study all three core AQA GCSE Literature texts, including:

Jekyll and Hyde – Robert Louis Stevenson
Macbeth – William Shakespeare
Lord of the Flies – William Golding

We also study:
Poetry Anthology – Conflict poetry
Unseen Poetry

Language skills are also taught and rotated with Literature on a half termly basis.

Students who join us part way through the course will have an opportunity to engage with texts they have read and studied in previous school setting if on the AQA syllabus.


Students’ analytical skills are tested frequently throughout the course, both in their written assessments and verbal contributions in class. Students will complete one timed formative assessment, per half term, as well as regular practice essay questions alongside the teaching of the key texts.

Home Learning

Students in Year 11 are provided with a range of materials and revision activities to embed skills taught in class. Reading at home is also actively encouraged to help develop comprehension skills.

AQA GCSE English Exam course content 2017/2018

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