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 At Links, we all are lifelong learners

English is more than just analysing poems and quoting lines from difficult texts…at Links we embrace English and its literacy components across the school’s curriculum, fostering positive self-efficacy through nurturing and developing student potential..  For example, while our students may be learning the Pythagorean Theorem in Maths, they also will be reading about Pythagoras and his other contributions to Geometry and Mathematics in general.

We challenge and encourage our students to develop a love for reading and writing, both for academia and pleasure. In Key Stage 3, students are exposed to Shakespeare, 19th Century prose and poetry, all interspersed with engaging activities to enhance the learning environment and student comprehension.  Key stage 4 focuses on students preparing for both the English Language and English Literature exams using AQA specifications. Students do more than just read whole texts such as The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Frankenstein, or Jane Eyre; Links students become the author or character, dissecting the text as though that student were living within the text itself.

 Student revising for the mock GCSE

Revision guidance for all students studying for GCSE English

These books make excellent revision materials for you to use at home.


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