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We are passionate about all the arts at Links Academy and believe they are an integral part of learning and help us to educate creative thinkers. In the Art lessons we aim to inspire, encourage and create so that our students achieve the highest standard of work of which they can be proud. It is important to us that we build confidence and develop concentration skills. The students’ work is displayed in the corridors and around the school.


We have specially designed schemes of work in order to capture the students’ imagination and engage them fully in art.  Once they are engaged we teach them the fundamental skills – drawing, painting and working in 3D and build on what they already know.  We study artists and art from different cultures so that our students understand art in its broadest context.   

Studying Pop Art, Urban Art, Comic Art and Surreal Art are all areas that are particularly successful schemes of work where our KS3 students are concerned. Through these schemes they can expand their practical skills and knowledge in traditional and new media. They learn how to use their imagination and develop their work with confidence. We have an IMac computer and we teach filmmaking and develop photoshop skills.


We offer a full Edexcel Art and Design GCSE and a half GCSE depending on what previous experience our students come to us with. Within those courses the student can opt to study Fine Art, Photography or Textiles. The full GCSE requires 4 units of work – Portfolio (60% qualification) and an Externally Set Exam of 10 hours (40% qualification). All this is supported by preparatory studies and experimental work. The half GCSE requires the student to complete 2 units of work and sit a 10 hour exam.


We visit London Art Galleries, the Royal Opera House production workshop and visit local artist studios. We are currently running an 8 weeks course in partnership with Trestle Theatre where we are engaged in an Education Programme involving dance, music and drama for a Bronze Arts Award.

We are an Artsmark school.

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