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 World Book Day - with Giles Abbott.   Written by Year 8 student

On Friday 3rd March, Links Academy celebrated World Book Day. This was not by ourselves but with a very special visitor call Giles Abbott who came to Links and told us some very amazing stories. Some with twists, some with a tint of horror and some that were based a long time ago.

When he arrived, he told us a bit about himself.  He said that his mother used to tell him stories about Achille's Heel and stuff that was based in Greek times. He also told us about how he loved reading. He said that he went to university and apparently he got a degree in English Literature but then something went terribly wrong and Giles lost his eyesight. Giles eyesight went in 4 hours.

The man has ginger hair and has a very DEEP voice. He also can make special sound effects. He sat on the edge of his seat whilst acting.

His stories made me feel like no matter who you are, there is s always a career for you.

Giles Abbott Visits the Links by  Year 8 student

Giles Abbott was a blind man that told stories that he made up but they were based on true stories.

The stories were mind blowing and mysteriously funny.

He said that he went to university and studied literature. At the age of twenty-five, something devastating happened to Giles. He lost his sight but not completely, it is a blur and he has a telescope to see things clearly.


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